Coatings and products

  • Coating for silicone rollers for every industrial use (pressure roller, applicator roller, transfer roller,adhesive roller , adhesive roller, tapered roller…)
  • Design and coating for rollers with shafts up to 600 mm
  • Moulded parts (high temperature seals, waterproofing membranes,silicone sheets)
  • sleeves


Specific solutions- Product innovations

  • RISIL PW : high performance anti-adhesive concept : special silicone mixture for adhesive rolls ( painting, varnishing and chemical coating)15/20 Shores A.
  • RISIL PT : Flexible pressure roller core coated with low hardness blend of silicone rubber 5/12 shores A
  • RISIL PR : new generation silicone for applicator rollers low shore hardness and high temperature 10/20 Shores .
  • RISIL PH : For very high temperature transfer rollers – Resistance to temperatures up to 250°c – 25/30 Shores A.
  • RISIL PV : Design Technology for transfer rollers operating under heavy mechanical stress 15/25 Shores A.

Service and support

  • Design of silicon according to your requirements.
  • Design of cylinder, wheel, rollers in our general mechanical workshop
  • Roller grinding
  • Maintenance of core roller, stainless steel, aluminium : thread, shaft keyway,circlip, repairing, protective coatings, packaging…