About Us

ENRI has more than 35 years of experience and is one of the main actors in the field of roller coating in silicones, high temperature rubbers, polyurethanes and other composites, made for various fields of industries.

Our Team

We have always benefited from the flexibility triggered by a team that is certainly family oriented, but also experienced in technical and innovative challenges and manages improbable deadlines that need to be respected.

We are capable of going beyond the limits of the possible and have top-notch organizational standard, in terms of realizing our products and their shipping, due to the expertise acquired during 35 years within the international market.

The renewed team has been rejuvenated and has benefited from the experience of the founding team, through a transfer of knowledge which is further enhanced by the audacity and creativity of youth.

Constant Innovation

Innovation is the driving force of our growth

Due to the new requirements and constraints of the industry, rollers covering and manufacturing of elastomer cylinders and parts are a constant challenge. We invest in R&D in our in-house laboratories in a significant manner, so that we offer the most advanced and cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

We design our offers according to your requirements, which allows us to constantly renew ourselves, our product range and our working techniques. Our technical team is specifically trained to guide you while selecting the most suitable product to meet your request, depending on our strict standards.

Every roller or part we produce, plays a role in the development of your finished product. It is therefore essential to us that every affords should be made to achieve our goal: “Your Satisfaction”. To succeed, we focus on product innovation, production processes and technological improvement.

ENRI was founded by Mr. Gilles Leblanc, it was those days known as the “Normandy Roller company”. Its initial vocation was the silicone coating of pressure rollers for the plastic industry.

Mrs. Marie Paule Leblanc joins the company and turns it into a family business.

The company leans on technical elastomers and turns high temperature issues into its specialty.

ENRI moves to its current site of more than 3,000 m², dedicated to the development and production of new products. The size of the new site has also made it possible to set up a general mechanics section, but also a surface treatment unit (shot peening, sand blasting and micro-blasting).

Creation of an autonomous general mechanical workshop.

Mr. Romain Leblanc took over the company and is the general manager of the company.

New installation of a cylindrical grinding machine.

Investment in an injection machine, capable of continuous casting.

Development of spraying process for elastomers.

ENRI develops a wider range of elastomeric molded custom-made parts.

Investment in a large scale industrial oven, with the aim of extending our production possibilities.

Obtaining the phytosanitary compliance program for wood packaging for export (ISPM 15).

more than 35 years of experience in coating and steadfast determination to satisfy our customers.