Silicon Coating

Due to their high performance and long-lasting nature, silicones are among the most important polymers. Therefore, their physical and chemical features allow them to be used in all sectors of activity and they can be applied in many ways.

Its remarkable resistance to temperature and elongation, its resistance to tearing, its wide range of hardness, its antimicrobial, antistatic or food properties are the essential aspects of this polymer.

With its 35 years of experience, ENRI offers you its know-how through the use of silicones. Our workshops are equipped with all the technology that is required for molding, spraying, casting, and injecting a wide range of products to manufacture your parts, according to your plans and characteristics.

Our company offers a wide range of customized and highly resistant elastomer parts. Discover the range of technical silicone parts for different sectors.


Due to their non-stick property, silicone coatings offer excellent quality, especially when applied hot.

This material is characterized by remarkable properties: resistance to dry heat, permanent elasticity at high and low temperatures, resistance to aging, ozone, weathering, electrical conductivity and good resistance to water and water. gas impermeability.

Heat Resistance

Excellent temperature resistance, continuous performance between -55 ºC and +225 ºC. Silicone can work up to +300 ºC punctually.

Non-Toxic Standards

Silicone meets a series of standards that allow its use in the medical, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Non-Porous Surface

Silicone is a water-repellent and waterproof material.

Atmospheric Resistance

Excellent resistance to aging, including resistance to air, ozone, light, Pyralene, UV radiation and weathering.

Dielectric Properties

Silicone is one of the best electrical insulators between -40 ºC and +180 ºC. We produce conductive silicone if need be.

Mechanical Properties

Very good mechanical behavior, even at extreme temperatures. We influence the characteristics of our elastomers by adding components. This way, we improve the mechanical strength, the resistance to abrasion, to temperature or to elasticity.


A RAL color palette allows the production of silicone in different colors. We can extend the range of colors by offering luminescent, fluorescent, and metallized dyes. Platinum silicone provides high transparency and resistance to yellowing.

Hardness and Densities

The hardness of our compact silicones can range from 5 to 90 shores. The standard hardness is 60 shores.

Our Solutions:

  • Silicone roll coating for all industrial applications (Presser, Applicator, Transfer, Adhesive, Conical…) intended for different markets such as agriculture and food industry, packaging (cardboard, packaging, plastic film…), energy and raw materials (wood, glass, petrochemical and chemical industry, steel industry, nuclear…), printing and graphic arts, transport, or industrial maintenance.
  • Design and packing of rolls up to Ø 600 mm
  • Molded parts (high temperature gaskets, sealing membranes, silicone sheets)
  • Sheaths

Service and support:

  • Formulation of silicone according to your specifications
  • Design of cylinders, wheels, rollers, and rollers in our general mechanical workshop
  • Grinding of rollers
  • Maintenance of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts: threading, keyway, circlip groove, repair, protective paint, packaging, etc…
  • Realization of sample and/or prototype.
  • In-house research and development and manufacture of fully integrated mixtures
  • Stripping of parts
  • Balancing of rollers