Surface Treatment

ENRI offers you a complete service of surface treatment and specific solutions, which are carried out by an expert team.

With its 35 years experience, ENRI offers you a complete service of surface treatment and specific solutions.

Sand blasting/ Shot peening/ Micro blasting

ENRI offers you a complete service of surface treatment and specific solutions, using industrial techniques such as shot peening, sand blasting and micro blasting for a turnkey solution, tailored to your needs.


Principe of sandblasting

High speed sand blasting modifies the properties of a coating. Sandblasting is an industrial technique that consists in projecting sand at high speed onto a part, in order to treat its surface. Used in many industries, ENRI offers you its sandblasting services to maintain your equipment and the preparation of parts, which are intended for storage, to avoid any corrosion.

Advantages of sandblasting

This process is used in the maintenance of equipment, the action of the sand at high pressure which allows to strip, deoxidize, or remove paint or varnish from a surface without deteriorating it. This technique can also be used to roughen a surface for better paint adhesion or to give it a “sandblasted” look.

Shot Peening

Principle of shot peening

This technique consists of projecting steel, glass or ceramic balls to improve the technical qualities of a surface.

ENRI offers surface treatment services such as shot peening, a technique which, like sand blasting, allows a surface to be treated through the hammering action of small balls projected at high speed. Matting a part through this technique makes it possible to deform it on a thin layer, ranging from a few centimeters to a few tenths of millimeter.

Advantages of shot peening

This technique has many advantages, the most essential one being, allowing to postpone the installation of corrosion or oxidation on the treated part, thus increasing its resistance and lifespan. The main use of this method is to remove the surface defects of a part and its treatment with shot peening only deforms it slightly. This technique also allows to reinforce the tightness of a part and fill possible micro cracks, which can appear after the melting of an element.

Micro Blasting

Principle of micro blasting

This technique allows to treat the surface by impact via the projection of microbeads.

Micro blasting is a technique similar to sandblasting. It differs through the abrasive that is used, in this case not sand, but microbeads often made in glass. This allows to treat a surface through the action of small beads which will carry out microscopic impacts on the treated zone.

Advantages of micro blasting

Micro blasting is used mainly to clean or strip a part. This technique can also be used to treat the aesthetic and physical aspect of a part, as finishing on non-ferrous metals, for example.

Our Specific Solutions:

  • Stripping of parts to obtain a rough aspect of finish, before treatment and coating.
  • Pre-stressing treatment for mechanical improvement of parts under strain.
  • Deburring of raw castings or foundry parts.
  • Sealing of welds subjected to internal pressures.
  • Corrosion protection before industrial painting or metal protection.
  • Preparation of parts for storage.
  • Application of anti-corrosion film varnish.
  • Application of primer paints.
  • Maintenance of equipment by our technicians.