Other Coatings

Each sector, project or part requires a precise adaptation, according to specific needs, to achieve quality performance and durability.

In addition to expertise in silicone, polyurethane and rubber coatings, ENRI offers you its know-how while implementing a varied range of coatings, made from high-performance materials, covering your plans and requirements.

Here are some examples of the different polymers and other materials we work with – PEEK, heat shrink tubing, PTFE, PVA foam and thermoplastic rubber.

PEEK Coating

Peek is a very versatile, high-performance polymer. It is used in many industrial sectors and applications, from the food and medical industries to adhesives, paint, rubber, textiles, aeronautics, automotive, oil and chemical industries. It is used in situations of high temperature exposure to prevent surface adhesion. Thermoplastic PEEK coatings are food approved and FDA approved in the medical field. This material with excellent properties is often used for medical devices, which includes dentures.

The shrink sleeve is a flexible tube which requires heat shrinkage, and involves applying heat to shrink tubes, sleeves or other expanses to their original size. Heat shrinking is used in various industries and applications to insulate and protect cables from heat, chemicals, or water. It is particularly used in the electrical sector.

PTFE Coating

PTFE is a high-performance fluoropolymer with outstanding properties. Its chemical structure makes it stand out from other thermoplastic polymers and gives it one of the best chemical resistance available on the market. It has excellent non-stick, thermal, and sliding properties, as well as an extremely low coefficient of friction.

PTFE has good mechanical properties at high temperatures and good corrosion resistance. Due to its outstanding insulating properties, it is used in various industrial fields, including bearings, seals, electrical insulation at high temperatures, non-adhesive coverings, and gaskets for tanks, but also food coating.

PVA Coating

PVA foam is a hydrophilic synthetic polymer. It is a highly absorbent, open-cell, porous material composed primarily of polyvinyl alcohol. Used in a variety of industries, PVA foam coating is known for its exceptional and durable ability to rapidly absorb aqueous solutions and for its drying performance. It is rather effective on porous materials such as wood, paper, or fabric.

It is dry compressible, wet stretchable, has high tensile strength, good elongation, and excellent resistance to most chemicals.

This foam can hold up to 12 times its dry weight in water. Cell size can be varied to suit the required use, the finer the cell, the better the capillary action. A wet foam can withstand temperatures close to 70°C and the dry sponge can withstand temperatures around 100°C. Moreover, PVA foam rollers can be used to remove microscopic foreign bodies, without damaging the work.

TPE Coating

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer rubber. This coating is known for its great resistance to atmospheric agents, aging and UV. Combinations of this elastomer have rubbery properties that are distinguished by their thermal resistance, no vulcanization, chemical resistance, flexibility and ability to recover after application of a load. Among its advantages is its suitability for processing by conventional thermoplastic processes, such as injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, blow molding and others.
TPE is very easy to dye and mold on various thermoplastics, along with good adhesion.

We are here to help you find the ideal coating which meets your specific needs and specifications.