Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethanes have the best performing properties in terms of the range of elastomers, which are available on the market.

A highly technical, versatile, and resistant material, polyurethane offers many possibilities for use in different areas of the industrial sector. In terms of molding and polymerization of this material, its resistance to abrasion, tearing, loading and ozone and its high resistance to wear, highlight its high performance and reputation within the plastics industry. The latter is available in a wide range of hardness from 50 shores A to 99 shores A.

ENRI offers you several solutions for coating parts, according to your specific needs, based on this resistant elastomer. We put a service of more than 35 years at your disposal, a know-how in the implementation of polyurethanes, to come up with the ideal elastomer for your projects.

Our workshops are equipped with all the technology that is required for gravity casting, casting, injection, gluing and laying a wide range, in order to manufacture your parts, coat your metal inserts, covering, according to your plans and characteristics.

Our company is able to offer you a wide range of customized polymer parts (silicone, polyurethane, composites, and rubber mixes) with great resistance. Click here to discover our range of technical polyurethane parts for various applications.


Polyurethane is characterized by outstanding properties: good mechanical strength, non-stick, durability, elasticity, and constant roughness.

This material is antistatic, semiconductor, with a low friction coefficient.

Mechanic resistance

Excellent mechanical behavior, especially to traction, tearing, abrasion and compression.

Chemical resistance

Excellent behavior with hydrocarbons and aliphatic solvents.

Atmospheric resistance

Excellent resistance to aging, especially to air and ozone.

Thermal resistance

Excellent temperature resistance from -30° to 120° C in a continuous manner.

Non-porous surface

Polyurethane is a water-repellent and waterproof material.

Hardness and density

The hardness of our polyurethane can range from 50 shore A to 99 shore D.

Our solutions:

  • Polyurethane roller coatings for industrial applications (NIP, varnisher, conveying, packaging, drive rollers…) intended for various markets such as agriculture and food industry, packaging (cardboard, packaging, plastic film…), energy and raw materials (wood industry, glass, petrochemical and chemical industry, steel industry, nuclear industry…), transport or industrial maintenance.
  • Design and covering rollers up to Ø 600 mm
  • Custom molded parts (Sleeves, Stops, plates, etc.)

Services and support:

  • Polyurethane formulation according to your specifications
  • Designing cylinders, wheels, barring, and rollers in our general mechanical workshop.
  • Maintenance of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts: threading, key groove, circlip groove, repairs, protective paint, packaging, etc.
  • Stripping of parts.
  • Balancing of rollers.