Industrial Mechanics

Manufacture of rollers, cylinders and pulleys

The major asset of our company is to be able to offer you a complete service of industrial mechanics of your parts, metal parts, manufacture of your inserts, as well as their coatings. ENRI has all the required industrial equipment, ranging from design to manufacturing (cutting and laser cutting, milling centers, turning, etc.).

In addition to its expertise in the covering of elastomer rollers and conveyor rollers, wheels and other parts, ENRI offers you its know-how in the realization and manufacturing of a wide range of new rollers, steel cylinders or pulleys and other customized articles, with the intention of perfecting your work procedures.

ENRI’s machining and milling machines allow us to manufacture simple or complex mechanical parts for all industrial sectors, including quarries, food industry, energy, chemical industry, paper mills, glass industry, etc. And for end users of rollers, including mines, steel industry, cement factories, ports, aeronautics, etc.

Our machining workshop, but also the skills of our turners and millers remain at your disposal.


Cylindrical welded parts of reliable and robust precision construction, pulleys are essential mechanical parts for belt conveyors. The reliability of the pulleys is based on the quality of their manufacturing. The coating on the conveyor pulley is manufactured according to their field of application and the conditions of use. This ensures a long service life and optimum performance of the pulleys.


From 89 to 1000 mm diameter for belts from 300 to 1300 mm.


  •     Keyed
  •     Welded


  •     Silicone
  •     Rubber
  •     Polyurethane
  •     Other

Roller Types

  • Bare and coated rollers
  • Shock absorbing rollers
  • Anti-clogging rollers
  • Crush rollers
  • Gable rollers

Manufacturing Procedure

Our rollers are made from steel tubing. After cutting, the tube is reamed to obtain a perfect concentricity, which is then welded to guarantee an excellent hold at the bottom.

Our Advantages

  • Design, production and assembly of your rollers, wheels, cylinders, and pulleys according to our machining techniques and your specifications.
  • We specialize in traditional or digital machining of all parts, according to plans, models or measurements which are taken on site.
  • We machine all metals: steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, composite, plastics, cast iron, thermo-plastic, HDPE, PEEK, PVA, etc. For any length up to 3 meters standard. For longer lengths, please get in touch with us.
  • Steel, stainless steel and aluminum welding.
  • General precision and high precision mechanics.
  • Ranging micro-machining to medium size for all dimensions of industrial machining work.
  • For complex parts, we work in joint partnership with your design and engineering departments and offer our knowledge to fine tune your products.
  • Your rollers can be protected against corrosion (galvanization, anti-rust) and obtain a specific packaging.

Services and Support

  • A dedicated research department remains at your disposal to assist you in the realization of your projects, your prototypes and your precision parts.
  • To obtain an optimal adhesion of the elastomers, a sandblasting or micro blasting treatment shall be carried out. A surface treatment workshop (shot peening, sand blasting, micro blasting, primer painting) for a turnkey solution.
  • Before any coating, we monitor the position of the bearing seat and spindles, but also the unbalanced masses, as its good condition is essential for the rollers to perfectly rotate.
  • To ensure the longevity of your coated cylinders, we can balance them and optimize their efficiency.
  • Verification of welds and sealing if need be.
  • Permanent quality control of our machining center.
  • Our turning center, our numerically controlled machines or our conventional machines can manufacture, from the simplest to the most complex parts.
  • Just like any other product which leaves our workshops, we offer you a genuine follow-up and a personalized industrial maintenance.