Roller Coating

We propose various types of covers of rollers adapted to all the needs even the most specific. Indeed, our range consists of a multitude of covers and technologies with coating specific in silicone, rubber polyurethane … We also propose antistatic and conductive isolated coatings with diverse finishes. The innovation is an essential component to our company and we carry a quite particular interest to propose a high technology in the preparation of our covers. Our department of research and development allows us today to bring solutions specific to the various needs for our customers for the extremely competitive deadlines.
Our covers answer the last standards ISO and undergo a set of tests on precise points as the temperature resistance, the resistance in the mechanical and dynamic attacks, the roughness, the tolerance of cylindricity, the quality and the finish of the surface … On these various elements we stand out rigorous criteria of performance to propose you high-quality products.

Conveyor roller

Our company is also expert in the preparation of rollers of handling for isolated loads as well as for conveyor roller. These rollers are used by the industrialists to transport materials on a production line. The diameter and the length of rollers are going to be adapted according to the escorted loads.
We propose a range of rollers of handling intended for the transport of every types of loads going the lightest loads to the heaviest loads. The research for the performance stays at the heart of our process of production, this is why the quality of our rollers of handling is worldwide recognized.

General mechanics and surface treatment

ENRI also proposes a department of manufacturing of custom-made room according to your requirements. We adapt the conception of our rooms according to a plan, to a model or to a grip of quotation specific.  
We possess an engineering consulting firm with which the main mission is to accompany you and to guide you in the conception of your projects, the realization and the assembly of your various parts such as wheels, rollers, cylinders, pebbles, drums … We use a vast range of machinable materials such as the steel, the stainless steel, the aluminum, the cast iron or still the thermoplastic.
Our company offers a big variety of solutions of surface treatment answering your expectations and quality criteria:

  • The grit blasting
  • The sanding
  • The microbead blasting

These techniques serve to transform the surface of a room to confer them properties unique, specific or still adapted to a particular need.