Our permanent commitments

At ENRI, we place a high value on an eco-friendly environment and social responsibility. These aspects are a fundamental part of our DNA. Moreover, considering the current context of climate change and social evolution, ENRI is even more committed to energizing and enhancing its social and environmental actions. ENRI consistently integrates economic, social, and environmental commitments to promote a safer and more sustainable business.

ENRI embarked on an official Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in 2023. The company had been firmly rooted in this approach with actions already underway for years, but we still have several projects to bring to fruition.

ENRI's Contribution to Sustainable Development Challenges

In the course of its activity, ENRI continuously opts for actions that are increasingly ecological, recyclable, and processed at the end of their life.

Responsible suppliers

ENRI works with suppliers who meet CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) standards (file with standards).

Waste reprocessing and recycling

  • Implementation of selective sorting for all the company’s activities (glass, plastic, paper, and wood).
  • Waste recovery.
  • Recycling of offcuts from our steel, silicone, and aluminum.

Zero Emission Forklift Fleet

In its ongoing effort to reduce its carbon footprint, ENRI has switched its fleet of forklifts from gas to electric. The selected award-winning Mitsubishi brand forklifts are zero-emission devices.

Ecological Electric Compressors

In 2021, ENRI invested in an environmental approach by replacing its thermal compressor with an electric compressor. This initiative allows for energy savings and includes the associated premium for the generation of energy saving certificates (ESC), which are valued by GreenYellow – an expert in the field of energy transition.

Zero waste policy

  • At ENRI, we use good “Green IT” practices (sustainable digital technology); an approach to limit the impact of digital technology on the environment.
  • A policy of responsible purchasing (labeled equipment, limited purchases, etc.).
  • Sorting and recycling of equipment and consumables.
  • Goal of zero printing.
  • Sending quotes to clients exclusively by email.
  • No use of plastic cups, plates, or cutlery.

ENRI, a family-owned company prioritizing its employees

ENRI works for workplace well-being and has implemented a number of social promotions actions. Here are some of them:

Promoting local actions

Whether it’s for its suppliers (small equipment, website creation, etc.), ENRI is an actor in the local economy and promotes commercial exchanges in Normandy.

Employee training

With a spirit of evaluation and to meet the evolving needs of the company, as well as those of its employees, continuous employee training is at the forefront of ENRI’s priorities.

To this end, ENRI welcomes, hires, and helps its employees grow through a followed training policy and encourages internal promotions.

Diversity and equal opportunities

At ENRI, we conduct a strict non-discrimination policy in hiring. Heterogeneity, diversity, and inclusion in our strategic management are guarantees of performance, agility, and continuous adaptation of our team and our commitment to social justice and equality.

Team building moments

ENRI strives to create special moments with its employees during significant events throughout the year, in order to contribute to a good social climate. Such events include the Christmas meal, the ‘galette des rois’ (King cake), birthday celebrations, team building activities, the summer barbecue, etc. These moments of sharing are an opportunity to come together with the goal of improving internal cohesion for productive teamwork and a good work atmosphere.

Our upcoming actions in 2024


ENRI aims to implement a Carbon Footprint assessment within ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency). This method will allow the assessment of ENRI’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emission levels, in order to identify the main sources of emissions, understand them, and address them.


« The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now ». The importance of tree planting in our time is more than evident. To offset the carbon footprint generated by its economic activity, ENRI is investing in a responsible fruit tree planting project in its park.


ENRI is committed to developing an inclusion partnership with an organization that employs people with disabilities, as well as elderly people, in order to organize the maintenance of its parks and gardens.