12 October 2023
par L Leblanc

One step further for ENRI towards a green company

In its constant approach to reducing its carbon footprint, ENRI has switched its forklift fleet from gas to electric. The selected award-winning Mitzubishi forklift are zero-emission vehicles. As a result, they do not emit any pollution. For this eco-responsible action, we were accompanied by our neighbor “Manuco Service” company, based in Boulleville, Normandy, who specializing in the sale, rental and maintenance of industrial equipment. Our new fleet of energy-efficient “zero-emission” electric forklift is not only better in terms of sustainability, but it also contributes to a healthier work environment; no more noise; no more exposure to exhaust gases and it reduced energy costs. At ENRI we strongly value environmental approaches. In this context, we are implementing a global CSR action plan for our company over 2023-2024. To be continued soon.

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