11 January 2024
par L Leblanc

How to clean your industrial parts?

How to keep your industrial elastomer parts clean to guarantee the longevity of your equipment?
Cleaning industrial elastomer parts depends on two elements: the type of material and the type of dirt found on the part. First, be sure to test the cleaning product on a small area to avoid damaging the elastomer. Generally speaking, it is possible to use mild solvent treatment, such as isopropyl alcohol or mild detergents. Avoid abrasive cleaners or aggressive cleaners that could damage the parts. Use soft brushes or non-abrasive, non-woven, lint-free cloths to scrub the dirt, then rinse thoroughly. To clean your silicone coated parts, the best solution is to use water with mild soap; Use a cloth to gently rub the part’s surface, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. To clean its polyurethane or rubber coated parts, use a cloth soaked in a mild solution of soap and lukewarm water. Gently rub the dirty areas, then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Dry the parts with a clean cloth.
Finally, here is a list of six “DON’TS” when cleaning your industrial parts:
  • Do not soak the parts in liquid
  • Do not scrub the parts with abrasive materials
  • No application of aggressive components
  • No high temperature industrial drying
  • No intensive washing using industrial cleaning equipment
  • Do not degrease the parts

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